Monday, July 29, 2013

The Man's Magical Paws

The dog in the back doesn’t know he’s tied to a tree. In the morning, he wakes up and sees a giant ball of fire floating in the sky, bringing light to every blade of grass around his paws and he stares God in the eyes and smiles. The light is unlike anything he’s ever known- it’s different from the light in his dreams, and it’s different from the light of the moon because it is warm and smarter than the moon. The light in his dreams covers everything in an even coating, with no variation or shadows because it is a dream and he creates it all. But when he runs along the grass in this new light, he can see his own figure below him, a dark dog-shaped friend beside him, following him wherever he goes. He smiles at his friend and calls to him with a laugh. When a man comes out of the giant block in front of him, the man is carrying something in his magical paws. The dog bounds to and from to show the man the way the light works. ‘Look! Look!’, he calls, ‘The light is here and it is beautiful!’. The man sees the light and places the item on the ground, touches the dog with his magical paws and the dog feels every hair on his head relax. In the moment, he realizes that the man’s paw on his head makes the world even brighter, makes the ball of fire in the sky burn, makes the dark dog-shaped friend follow him, makes the grass tickle his pads, makes the leaves in the tree flicker like fire. The man makes him a part of a connection and that makes him important because a connection requires two things and the dog is one of the things connected to the most important thing. He has a purpose and that purpose is to show the man the things that he finds because the man is everything and maybe he can make use of these things that the dog finds. And he has a purpose to place his head under the man’s paws so that the man may have something to touch and feel that is soft like a dog’s head. His ears fall and he pushes his head into the magical paw, hoping it may rub off on him, and some day he too can carry things in his paws. As the man walks back into the block, the dog bows his head- he lays down in respect for he may never see the man again. For the man has returned to the block and the dog is alone again. For the man has magical paws that feel so good on his head and bring such great things to the dog. For the man doesn’t have to come back if he doesn’t want to. The dog lays on the ground and feels that it is warmer than the air. He rubs his head against the ground to feel it’s warmth but it is not the same as that of the man’s paw. He sighs heavily and brings his jaw to the ground, bringing his eyes to the level with the grass. His friend has disappeared for the moment, and the ball of fire is far above his head and the man is gone. He watches the grass rustle ahead of him and his ears perk up. He watches the rustling intently until a small black dot appears in the blades of light. The dot is not light like everything else. It is black like his dog-shaped friend, but it is different. It is darker and moves on it’s own. The dog smells the dot and it does not smell like a dog. It does not smell like the ball of fire or the man. It smells like a black dot. This is great, because he never knew what a black dot smelled like until now and now he knows and now if the man ever comes out of the block again, he’ll have something to show him just as wonderful as the light. ‘Look! Look! A black dot is here and it is beautiful!’ he calls out and smiles, and he bounds to and from around the black dot, careful not to lose sight of it. And he watches the dot so closely that he may show the man if he ever comes out of the block. And he watches the dot for so long that he forgets about his dog-shaped friend, and he almost forgets about the light and the burning ball of fire until it starts to fade. He looks up to see that the ball is leaving and the light is following it and the dot is still rustling in some grass. The man may never come out of the block and the light is now gone and the dog never said goodbye to his friend. But maybe the man will come out soon, and maybe he can show him then and dear God, that would really be something. Maybe the man will come out soon and maybe he can show him then and dear God, that would really really be something, wouldn’t it? Maybe the man will come out soon.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

summer renewal

With the free time I've had between summer school and work and my other little projects, I've been able to completely rearrange my apartment. The new layout has lent itself to a much more open, comfortable  existence in my one-room studio apartment. The table has become the centerpiece of the room, as opposed to my sad mattress on the ground. My record player and small record collection finally has a home off of the ground (I know, I know, I'm a terrible person for putting my records on the ground). I even feel like I've managed to free up more counter space for preparing food, of course not in the "kitchen", because the "kitchen" is a hallway with a stove, a sink and a fridge. But the new layout is more inviting to having people over, just the other day I had three friends over and the four of us could actually hang out comfortably. A pretty significant feat. 

Here's to making one room a home.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

morning meal

Woke up this morning to a warm breeze from the window. It's about time, Chicago. My apartment is finally in a put-together state; all clean and organized. It's a huge weight off my head to finally have the place feeling a bit more like home. The kitties are so content with the windows always open and a spot in the sun to sleep.



Thursday, May 30, 2013

Austin, TX








[1] The front yard of the house we stayed at. [2] Wahoo's fish tacos.They come second only to Torchy's Tacos, which were eaten too fast to be photographed. [3] Found this little guy on our hike through the greenbelt. [4] 1st street in Austin, right across from Bouldin Coffee House. [5] Stubb's BBQ, some of the best ribs I've had in a while, alongside a Shiner Bock, mashed sweet potatoes, fried okra and fried green tomatoes. [6] Barton Springs/Zikler Park [7] The end of our hike through the greenbelt, definitely my favorite day of the trip and an incredibly beautiful hike. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Evening I

Four more days until we go to Austin. 
Three more days until the semester's done. 
Two more days until I'm done with finals.